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Anchor Health LLC Embraces Muse Healthcare’s Predictive Modeling Tool to Provide Personalized Care

ST. PAUL, Minn, March 30, 2021 – Anchor Health of the California Bay Area, adopts Muse Healthcare’s machine learning tool to help deliver an increased level of personalized care to their patients.

Muse’s technology evaluates and models clinical assessments, medications, vital signs, and other relevant data to perform a risk stratification of these patients. The tool then identifies patients who are deemed critical and visually alerts the clinical team to perform additional care. Anchor Health will now be fully equipped to demonstrate data proven outcomes and provide quality care to patients that are in transition.

The team at Anchor Health is eager to use Muse as they unfold the true advantages the tool will offer for the organization. According to CEO Cristi Keith, Anchor is enthusiastic about providing quality care to their patients with Muse’s insightful analytics. “Muse is a key differentiator and allows us to offer the best hospice care to our patients. The tool will empower us to identify patients who need additional resources. I believe those that understand good hospice care know that if a patient is in their last seven to ten days of life, they should be offered daily visits from their hospice team as appropriate,” said Keith.

Anchor Health strongly believes that Muse will help support families of patients in hospice care as well. According to Keith, she is confident that the tool will offer families comfort in knowing Anchor will be continually monitoring patients’ condition. “I can share with our families that we’ve added another layer in our processes that will help identify patients in need. I want to give them additional reassurance and let them know that they will not be doing this alone. The tool will allow us to identify a patient that has declined and offer additional services for that family,” said Keith.

The team at Muse Healthcare feels Anchor will stand out as industry leaders as they begin to use the tool. Muse’s President and co-Founder, Jennifer Maxwell, is hopeful that Anchor Health will thrive as they use the machine learning tool. “We’re incredibly happy to know that Anchor’s use of Muse will help them manage their resources and make data-driven decisions to best meet the needs of their patients and families,” said Maxwell.

About Anchor Health

Anchor Health focuses on enriching the lives of their patients and communities through compassionate end-of-life care through innovation, exceptional quality, and professionalism. With an experienced care team with years of experience, clinicians at the organization serve as anchors to support each patient’s unique healthcare needs. Anchor Health also concentrates on personalized care that focuses on symptom management and the quality of life of patients that are facing life limiting illnesses. For more information visit

About Muse Healthcare

Muse Healthcare was founded in 2019 by three leading hospice industry professionals -- Jennifer Maxwell, Tom Maxwell, and Bryan Mosher. Their mission is to equip clinicians with world-class analytics to ensure every hospice patient transitions with unparalleled quality and dignity. Muse's predictive model considers hundreds of thousands of data points from numerous visits to identify which hospice patients are most likely to transition within 7-12 days. The science that powers Muse is considered a true deep learning neural network – the only one of its kind in the hospice space. When hospice care providers can more accurately predict when their patients will transition, they can ensure their patients and the patients' families receive the care that matters most in the final days and hours of a patient's life. For more information visit

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