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Feature Update: Clinical Snapshot Setting

At Muse Healthcare, it’s our mission to equip clinicians with world-class analytics to ensure every hospice patient transitions with unparalleled quality and dignity. As we continue to empower clinicians and transform care to critical patients, our team will always support your organization’s mission to provide exceptional care. This is continually accomplished through a consistent evolution of the tool. As we add new features and develop the product, our users that serve their patients are the ones that benefit. The Clinical Snapshot is one new feature that provides additional insights to caregivers and helps them streamline their responsibilities.

Clinical Snapshot

The Clinical Snapshot is visible now within the Transitions tab. The snapshot provides visibility into a patient’s most recent visit to include assessment responses to a predetermined list of highly impactful questions and also the visit narrative. The feature allows assigned user admins to load questions into the clinical snapshot. The list of questions is fully customizable and is loaded by the organization’s admins.

Why should you care about clinical snapshots?

The snapshot provides additional insight into a patient’s condition based on their last visit with a clinician. Clinicians remain in the know as they receive real-time data on patients. This information inspires caretakers to take action based on digested data on each patient. This also helps care teams create a more personalized experience for patients as they review patient data. Plus, the option to list predetermined questions directs the focus on specific issues centered around the patient. This means that questions posed by a clinician can be addressed through immediate action and follow-ups.

The Muse tool provides a solution to the industry’s most central challenges. The main challenge remains a lack of visits for critical patients that desperately need the attention. Muse and our powerful, machine learning technology looks to solve this issue through our tool. Want to learn how Muse can help your agency? Contact us to learn more:

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