• Vivek Mathew

Gain Visibility into All Care Types in Latest Updates

Updated: Jun 30

Medalogix consistently equips clinicians with world-class analytics. As we continue to empower clinicians and transform care to critical patients, our team will always support your organization’s mission to provide exceptional care. This is continually accomplished through a consistent evolution of the Medalogix Muse tool. As we add new features and develop the product, our users who serve their patients are the ones that benefit. Care Types is one new feature that provides additional insights to caregivers.

Care Types

Users will now have visibility into all care types (previously only COVID) that are selected by a clinician.

Advance Directives

Visibility into active advance directives will now be displayed on the transitions page with the use of an Extended Parameter titled Advance Directives.

Patient Summary

A Patients’ Care Type and Advance Directive information have been added to the Patient Summary.

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