• Vivek Mathew

How Families Receive Reassurance Through Muse

The Muse tool is designed to identify hospice patients that are in decline and will likely transition. The technology uses a deep learning neural network to analyze over hundreds of data points from each clinical visit. As a result, Muse is able to accurately detect patients that will transition within 7-12 days. This in turn prompts care teams to administer additional care to patients in need. Both patients and care teams benefit from the powerful technology of Muse, but an important demographic is left out of the equation. How do families of hospice patients benefit from the tool?

Empowering clinical teams

Muse’s ability to predict when a patient begins to decline and subsequently transition empowers care teams to deliver strategic care before it’s deemed too late. As a result, clinical teams have the knowledge and power to act accordingly to each patient’s needs. Patients care plans are adjusted to ensure the appropriate care is given to each patient. Patients that will transition within a few weeks/days are escalated and receive a wholistic level of care due to the analytical prompts from the Muse tool. Clinical teams as a whole are enabled to manage their teams and efficiently provide the best service to all of their patients. Families in turn are reassured that their family members are cared for as they remain informed about their condition.

End-of-life decisions

The Muse tool’s ability to identify patients who are in need of additional services or visits at the right time ensures that the entire care team ( families and caregivers) can appropriately plan ahead on behalf of their patients. Social workers, spiritual care, therapists (Reiki, Art, Music, Massage) and other strategic planners who are notified of a patient’s condition are able to coordinate with families on behalf of the patient. These tasks are important to address even though it’s not desirable. This leaves more time for families and patients to spend together during the final days.

Muse’s transformational technology is rapidly changing how end-of-life care is administered in hospice. Families of hospice patients can rely on real-world analytics to accurately plan for their family members and ultimately spend quality time with them. Find out how Muse transforms care at your agency today.

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