• Vivek Mathew

How Muse Dealt with 2020

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

This was a difficult year for those in healthcare. It was especially a challenge for clinicians that tirelessly served patients across the world. We graciously thank all frontline workers as you continue to serve vulnerable populations in the healthcare space. As we look to 2021 with hope and promise, let’s take a look at how Muse dealt with the many challenges 2020 brought us this past year.

Sending PPE to critical areas

There was a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) early on in the pandemic. Shortages fueled fear and frustration amongst medical staff who worried how they would protect themselves from infected patients. We knew we had to step up and respond. Muse’s technology is used to identify hospice patients that are ready to transition. Thousands of data points based on nurse visits determine when a patient would benefit from a scheduled visit. This technology was also used to identify at-risk branches to send PPE. Muse leveraged the same machine learning models and recognized patients that were in critical need. Muse identified risk factors at specific facilities and classified which organizations required immediate attention. Care facilities with a sizable population of patients in critical care were given priority. This then signaled the distribution of protective equipment to protect both patients and caretakers at these facilities.

Track and trace COVID-19 patients and clinicians

We took another step forward as we tracked and traced COVID-19 infected individuals. Elements pulled from a patient’s EMR enable the tool to recognize all “COVID-Recovered” and “COVID-19” active patients. The added tabs within the product allowed clinicians to accurately tag patients according to their current condition. The feature also identifies clinicians that may have been exposed to the virus through the patient summary and the “Completed Visits” tab. This gives the agency a clear picture into all exposed caregivers and contact trace if necessary.

This past year was a challenge, but Muse was at the forefront in service to our most vulnerable populations and brave clinical staff. As we move forward into 2021, Muse will continue to innovate cutting-edge technology to strengthen agencies across the nation.

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