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How Muse is Helping to Send PPE to Critical Areas of Need

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

The shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the coronavirus pandemic has real-world ramifications for frontline staff in the medical field. Shortages have fueled fear and frustration amongst medical staff who are worried about how they will protect themselves and their patients. Proper protection and distribution of this equipment is essential for both patients and care workers alike. As organizations look to suppliers for additional equipment, Muse Healthcare and its powerful technology addresses concerns around PPE shortages.

Muse’s technology is currently being used to identify hospice patients that are ready to transition. It uses thousands of data points based on nurse visits to determine when a patient would benefit from scheduled visits and offer the necessary care when a patient is ready to transition. This allows for larger agencies to identify locations where more visits are needed, permitting them to stage and distribute PPE to the local branch and clinicians alike.

Using machine learning models to identify at-risk facilities

This technology is also being used to identify at-risk branches to send PPE. Muse leverages the same machine learning models to recognize patients that are in critical need. Muse identifies risk factors at specific facilities to classify which organizations require immediate attention. Care facilities with a sizable population of patients in critical care are given priority. This then signals the distribution of protective equipment to protect both patients and caretakers at these facilities.

Using telehealth to uncover patients and care workers in need

COVID-19 has not made making physical visits and interactions easy for agencies. That’s why many nurses have integrated phone assessments and telehealth to care for their patients. Muse’s technology captures these data points that would have been otherwise captured by a nurse at the home. This data is then integrated back into the engine and the risk is adjusted based on an individual’s assessment results and data. If the patient goes into an elevated critical state, hospice providers are able to address the individual’s concerns while Muse then recognizes agencies with patients and medical professionals that need PPE.

As COVID-19 continues to impact populations across the globe, Muse’s adaptive, unparalleled technology is being used to tackle the shortage of PPE. If your organization is in need of protective equipment, contact us at to learn how Muse can assist your patients and staff.

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