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Recapping Muse’s “Integrations and Solutions” Discussion Panel Webinar

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

The team at Muse Healthcare proudly presented “Integration and Solutions Panel: Using Muse to Equip Clinicians with World-Class Analytics” webinar. It was a thoughtful discussion that featured industry leaders in home health and hospice. Attendees of the event learned how Muse’s transformative technology continues to change how end-of-life care is administered throughout the industry. Take a moment to receive a high-level look at the in-depth discussion below.

Real-world results

Troy Yarborough, CEO of Hospice Care of South Carolina/Agape Hospice, spoke about the adoption of the Muse product within their agencies and hospice facilities. As Muse recommended additional visits and care for certain patients at the hospice, some nurses were at first skeptical. Despite their initial inclinations toward a particular patient who appeared to be fine, they agreed to administer the extra care. Unfortunately, the patient passed away only a few days later, and the nurses quickly realized the care they provided was necessary during a critical time in the patient’s final days. The care staff at the hospice opened their eyes to the technology and understood the tool’s utilized benefits as a result.

Arming clinicians for better care

Dr. Andrew Mayo, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of St. Croix Hospice, noted that clinicians shouldn’t worry that their clinical judgement would be replaced by technology. Instead, they should view Muse as an additional tool that assists in their challenge to provide better care. He included that Muse is an early warning system that enables clinicians to further assess patients that require increased care. Currently, the staff at St. Croix Hospice realizes results as they initiate strategic care plans for patients that need it at a critical time. Dr. Mayo made an impacting quote stating, “We only have one chance to get it right, why would we not enable all tools available to ensure we get it right?"

Muse is used by hospice teams to deliver appropriate care to patients. It offers insights that clinical teams have at their fingertips and will change the course of care within the industry. Register today to watch the recording of the entire webinar and learn more about Muse’s revolutionary technology by clicking the image below.

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