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St. Croix Hospice Uses MUSE to Improve Patient Care

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

MUSE Healthcare is the preeminent hospice technology that equips clinicians with machine learning analytics to assist in the care of delivery. The technology ensures every patient receives the care they need at the right time. Leaders in the industry have taken notice and have adopted the technology to serve their agencies. St. Croix Hospice, winner of the MUSE Trailblazer Award for 2020, is one of many organizations that has already successfully adopted the technology to improve care for patients. The MUSE team sat down with two leaders at St. Croix Hospice to learn how the Oakdale, MN based hospice changed the course of their care with the MUSE technology. 

Can you describe your relationship with MUSE as you implemented the technology? 

MUSE was there with us every step of the way to ensure we had a smooth implementation at St. Croix Hospice. The staff at MUSE are leaders in their industry and were very knowledgeable. They had great communication and were open to feedback as we went through the implementation process.  – Ashely Arnold (RN), Executive Director of Quality

Why did you choose MUSE? What did you look to solve by using the technology? 

We chose MUSE because of the technology and the leaders behind it. We looked at MUSE as a great opportunity to provide the best patient care. With MUSE we can ensure our staff are there during the most critical time of someone’s life. Providing the best patient care is the reason we chose MUSE. – Mandy Cogswell (RN), Chief Clinical Officer. 

Can you share any real-world results achieved by using MUSE? 

MUSE helped us identify patient needs which then increased our nursing visits at the end of life in nursing, but it also increased visits by our chaplains, social workers, and hospice aides. When we fully implemented MUSE, we were eight percent higher than the national average for visits in the last seven days of life by a chaplain, social worker or hospice aide. We were also much higher in nursing visits in the last three days of life compared to other hospices in our market. MUSE allowed us to ensure we can increase visits for all disciplines at the end of life and provide the most support for our entire team, patients and their families. – Ashley Arnold (RN), Executive Director of Quality

Download the St. Croix Hospice case study to learn how they enhanced their plan of care for their patients.

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