• Vivek Mathew

Track and Trace COVID-19 Patients and Clinicians with MUSE

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

As MUSE continues to evolve, we have enhanced the product to include the ability to track all COVID-19 patients. Elements pulled from a patient’s EMR enable the tool to recognize all “COVID-Recovered” and “COVID-19” active patients. The added tabs within the product allow clinicians to accurately tag patients according to their current condition. The feature also identifies clinicians that may have been exposed to the virus through the patient summary and the “Completed Visits” tab. This gives the agency a clear picture into all exposed caregivers and contact trace if necessary.

As COVID-19 infects the US populous, it’s important to protect your patients and staff with data at your fingertips. When agencies have an accurate account of potential cases, they’re able to act with appropriate protocols to protect the rest of their organization. This enhancement also allows for easy recognition of all patients where additional PPE, training, and care are necessary.

Learn more about MUSE’s new COVID-19 features in the video below.

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